Internet (VoIP) Telephone systems

Traditional copper wire phone system technology is over 40 years old. Internet phones provided much more functionality at a fraction of the cost.

While POTS (plain old telephone system) companies have provided limited increased productivity for business phones by upgrading their phone software, they are limited by their own technology and pale in comparison to the functionality provided by Internet phone systems.

At MPS we support RingCentral phone systems.  They are the market leader in UCasS (Unified Communications as a Service) and provide great product functionality such as anywhere access to your phone, integration with other business applications, online meeting services included in their service, e-fax, voice mail to email, and excellent multi-site business functionality.

If you're interested in saving between 30 -50% on your annual telephone expenses as well as getting a whole lot more out of your phone system, contact us to discuss the possibilities.