How I got here

What the hell was I thinking?!

I had a pretty cushy job that paid well, and lets be frank, driving a desk is a much easier way to make a living than many have to endure.

So why did I do it?  Why did I leave my sweet deal to start out as an entrepreneur, something I've never been, at the age of, well...let's call it north of 50.

Two reasons, mainly. Frustration and boredom.

Why was I frustrated?  Because things had become way to complicated.  That's corporate life.  In life you notice your car is getting old and getting expensive to maintain so  you go out and get a new car.  You think about what your going to use it for, decide the features you need and go out and get the best value you can for the features you need within the constraints of your budget.  You often don't get everything you want because you can't afford it, so you have to decide what you need more. 

In corporate life you have to check with all the people that might ever ride in your car, convince them why you chose the car you did, make sure your car is going to be able to carry all the stuff they may want to put in it, convince others in the company that want a car why the one you chose is better than the one they wanted you to get, even though buying cars for the company is your job and not theirs.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not disparaging planning.  I'm a huge fan of figuring out what you need.  And with technology you have to know not only what you need "the car" to do but you also need to know what others need the car to do. But at some point you have to say "OK, if talked to the folks that have a stake in this.  I've got a good sense of the organizational needs.  It's time to go buy the car."  

So I decided to start a company where I could work with like minded clients to deploy solutions in an agile way that aren't obsolete the day they're turn on and don't involve enough money in consulting fees to buy a cottage in the Muskoka's in the process.

What's that you say?  Am I being a hypocrite going into the consulting business and whining about consulting fees.  Not at all.  I believe people should be paid a fair wage for what they do as long as they're adding value.  I also have lived through deployments working with consultants that can milk a project better than a farmer can milk a cow.

Boredom, it's part of the same problem.  I hate meetings.  I think all the chairs should be removed from conference rooms and no refreshments should be served.  Just figure out what we came here to do and get on with it.  There's way too many meetings in corporate life.  In this day and age, there are better ways to communicate.

So here we are.  I may not get another vacation for a few years.  A few restaurants in my neighbourhood are going to have a drop in sales that they can't explain.  But I'm having fun, and I'm building things and I'm excited again about the work I'm doing.  If we end up working together one day, I hope that some of that excitement rubs off on you.